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In this episode you will hear a compilation of reports that came in to BBR towards the end of 2020. We hear from a witness in Jersey who saw a Winged Leathery Creature that advanced towards him with one beat of it’s Bat Like Wings. We hear from a lady who saw a “Bat Winged Monkey Bird” when she was travelling in the South of England.

Then we hear from a couple who live in their converted van full time here in the UK. One one occasion along the River Ouse their camp felt as though it was being watched the whole time. Then when they were parked on a mountain road the gentleman was shadowed back to their van.

Thank you to these amazing artists for our new look BBR Podcast 2021.
Title Music – Todd C Ruzicka
BBR Artwork – Tim Marney
End Video/Music/Credits – Mick Mclaren
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