Prt 2 Petts Lane, My Haunted Home. Family Ties & Serendipity’s Galore

Last week I shared the first part of what I believe to be the best Paranormal Investigation I have carried out so far here at BBR. It involves a Victorian home on the coast and a modern day haunting.

Along with my full notes on the case you will also…

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The 25 Year Haunting On Petts Drive & Three Mystery Men Found Dead In A Ghostly Boat.

Tonight we follow one case of a family who are currently living in an activie paranormal hotspot. The house has stood at the edge of the River Nene since 1830 and many people have occupied it. Krissy and her husband bought it without realising her…

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UK Road Entities – I Saw It Cross The Road In Front Of My Car

I Saw It Cross The Road In Front Of My Car

Woman See A Strange White Non Human Thing Whilst Driving in Yorkshire 2020

She Ran Out In Front Of My Car 12/3/24

The Swannington Creature Feb 2013 It Had Multiple Eyes

Tall Lanky Figure Runs Across The…

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Starfox & Lilith – Worldwide Dogman Reports- They Feel The Hunger

Please join me while I chat with my goodfriend Kenny from Starfox Media & The North American Dogman Project while we chat about some of Kenny’s cases and what its like to be a Dogman investigator. Kenny has collected personal experiences from…

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The Wose Are On The Move – A Female British Bigfoot spotted Spring 2024

The Wose Are On The Move – A Female British Bigfoot spotted Spring 2024

A Honey Coloured Wild Hairy Man

Two Wild Men Creatures Hunting on the Road to Taynuilt 2016

The Ouse Wose. A Fishing British Bigfoot. Harrold Beds 1/2/21…

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The Cannock Chase Murders – Demonic Connection

The strange activity at Cannock chase includes all manner of strange creatures, from Werewolves and Dogmen and sightings of the elusive British bigfoot to ghostly visitations, succubus attacks and plenty of UFO, shadow beings and black eyed children…

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Gug-Wose Reports Of The British Gugwe

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The Beast of Copse Corner

Wicken Woods possible Gug-Wose

The Elveden Baboon…

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A Red Eyed Being Seen At The Forth Road Bridge & Other Reports

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An encounter with a Red Eyed Being and more tales of Red Eyed Creatures…

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Katie’s Story part 2 – A Wolfman in My Garden Follow up

A Wolfman Returns

A Neanderthal Saved My Life

Something Was Moving Around Our Camp 2010

I Saw a Shadow Person February 22, 2012

The Thrunton Woods Knocks and Noises

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Several Cryptid’s Have Been Seen Close to UK Waterways

A Lumbering Beast Seen In Malton

We Heard a Loud, Deep Chittering, or Chattering and We Saw a Set of Red Eyes

The River Dove Bi-pedal Grey Creature 2006

The Carcass of a Sheep with its Spine Ripped Out

The Bigfoot Crossing the Road Fife Aug 2005…

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