Was it a Bigfoot or a Huge Thickly Muscled Man_ A Bigfoot Creature of Arbroath & I Just Don’t Know.

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Winter sighting reports are very rare, Im not to sure why but things seem to settle down during the winter months and very few Cryptid Sighting reports come in. We do however get some very rare winter reports. I dont know if its because less people are out and about due to the bad weather, or are they just unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? It can be confusing if your seeing something large and bulky moving through snow or fog that you can quite make out. The Scandinavians dont have a culture set around Snow Trolls for no reason. The light can bounce and distort on snow, and it can trick our eyes and our brains. Many of the Grey man reports could be a phenomenon known as the Brecon Spectre. But for that to take effect you need to be miles high and away from light pollution.

The Creatures in these reports were moving through areas that are close to urban hubs and small towns. The Creatures are moving at night, using the bad weather to shield themselves.