Tree Line Visitors: Close Encounters with Bigfoot in Remote Tennessee

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Join us for an exclusive interview with Mark, a resident of a remote area in Eastern Tennessee, who has had multiple sightings of Sasquatch on his property. In this episode, Mark shares his firsthand experiences of encountering these mysterious creatures from the treeline and offers insights into why Bigfoot is appearing so close to human habitation. If you’re fascinated by the elusive Sasquatch and want to learn more about what’s happening in the mountains of Tennessee, you won’t want to miss this gripping conversation with Mark.———-If you have a Bigfoot encounter you would like to share on Bigfoot Society please contact me at for more info. ———-Hey all – I am making a private Facebook group “Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters”. Feel free to apply to join and share the link with those that have had encounters in other groups. Many will apply but not all will be let in. Follow the directions! 🙂 us over on Patreon! Get access to extra audio content, exclusive merch like a membership card and stickers, watch me interview guests weekly live on video, a Patron-only Discord and more.
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