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Nightfall Over Blue Ridge: Unleashed Terror in Virginia!

Lorri¬†shares her chilling encounters with a mysterious creature, believed to be Bigfoot, in the secluded Blue Ridge mountain area of Virginia. Lorri, who recently moved back with her parents into a rural setting due to her disability, shares her…

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We weren’t Alone in that Swamp!

Interviews from the Archives (recorded 3/24 and 3/27 in 2023)

Welcome to Bigfoot Society, where we explore the mysteries surrounding the legendary Bigfoot. In this episode, we have a special guest, Gabe Rassi, a skilled hunter from Northern Georgia….

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Bluff Charged by Bigfoot in Area X!

Monica Rawlins comes on the show to share her many years of Bigfoot investigation including such locales as the Skookum Meadows area and Area X of Oklahoma. She shares more than I bargained for including a Dogman encounter she had in Texas that was…

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Red Dirt Dogman and Bigfoot of Oklahoma with Brian Terrell (Member’s Only)

In this Member’s Only episode, I talk to Brian Terrell of Red Dirt Cryptid Investigation all about Dogman and Bigfoot activity all over Oklahoma. We talk about the Siege and discuss Brian’s visual sightings. It’s a packed 90 minute episode ONLY FOR…

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My Bigfoot Encounter Happened the Day Before 9/11!

Tim called in during a Bigfoot Encounter Live show a few weeks ago. He then contacted me again about some more things he has experienced around Lake Cushman in Washington and his Bigfoot encounter that happened on 9/10/01. I immediately invited him…

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Bigfoot Stalks Hunters in Montana (Archive Episode)

In this episode we are opening up the Bigfoot Society archives and have some interesting accounts you may have missed the first time. These interviews were recorded in late February to early March of 2023.

– At the age of 5, Jeff had a life-changing…

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We own the day but they OWN THE NIGHT!

In this thrilling episode of Bigfoot Society, host Jeremiah Byron invites special guest Mark Paul from Clay County, Tennessee back to delve even deeper into a captivating exploration of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Mark’s journey has…

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Bigfoot of Bluff Creek with Tod Samples and Doug Chez (Member’s Only)

I welcome Tod Samples and Doug Chez from Episode 269 back on the show for a special MEMBER’S ONLY EPISODE.Tod and Doug share what they’ve been up to with Bigfoot research specifically in the Bluff Creek area and about Doug’s Class A encounter in the…

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My House is Surrounded!

We’ve got some wild BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER LIVE call-ins for you today!

Frank calls in from Harlan County, Kentucky and shares about being messed with by Bigfoot while on remote security way out in the deep woods.

Joey calls in from Frederick County,…

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Coast to Coast Bigfoot Encounters from the Archives

In this episode we open up the Bigfoot Society Archives from early 2023 and share some interviews from those that have seen Bigfoot from the East Coast to the West Coast!

Maryland, Tennessee, British Columbia – Buckle up!

Originally posted on 2/22 -…

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