The Harwood Forest Wildman – a pair of eyes watching me & I think it was walking around my tent.

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One of the best known Wild campers here in the UK is a chap from the Northeast with a youtube channel called Fell Wanderer, we have been in touch for a number of years now. Fell wanderer is based in the Northeast of England and although he has camped in hundreds of our wild places, one he knows like the back of his hand is Harwood Forest. It has been a few years now since I covered the Harwood area and since then a number of new reports have come in. I have included images provided by Fell Wanderer and a short recap of events, then we will hear more recent reports from the area. We also hear from one man who has seen some very strange lights and crafts over the years.

Harwood Forest, Keilder, Wearside, Simonside seem to be a hotspot for some very strange goings on. Dwarves have been reported in the hills for centuries, strangle lights that flicker within the trees, that seem to beckon you in. Howls, growls and monkey whoops have all been reported here over the years.

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