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The term “dark net” extends beyond the realms of the dark web and the deep web; it also encompasses cell phones and the surface net. Facebook, for instance, is not exempt from the presence of hackers and dubious individuals. The platform has even hosted some disturbing real murder videos, a few of which remain accessible.

Explore the unsettling details of these heinous crimes in an upcoming true crime internet episode. The focus will be on the Facebook murder videos that have emerged in recent years, with claims that some of them are still available on the platform. While showcasing such content on YouTube is prohibited, a comprehensive account of the videos’ content and the events surrounding them will be provided. This aspect delves into the darker side of the internet, where, contrary to the common belief that such content resides solely on the dark web and the deep web, it is openly accessible on the surface web, making it distressing for all viewers.

The alleged and convected killers, victims, authorities, and others mentioned in these cases include Mark Mechikoff, Claribel Marie Estrella, Nye County Sheriff, San Mateo Police, Robert Lee Godwin Sr., Steve Stephens, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Vicki Gardner, and Vester Lee Flanagan II. These are profoundly tragic instances, and there is a plea for the removal of the videos to mitigate any further distress caused.