Creepypasta and True Scary Stories

Three Terrifying and Possibly True Ghost Stories

Transcripts and links to the Episodes can be found at

5th and Center Station
by Soymodelo111

by Zack Ryan Hamilton

The 3rd Floor

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Splatterday Night Livestream | Zombies Gone Wild

Zombies Gone Wild – an anthology of creepypasta zombie stories for your zombietainment.

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Creepypasta Scary Stories | Devil’s Knots

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Devil’s Knots…

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Creepyapasta Scary Stories | The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect
by Shadowswimmer77

The Order’s Theme

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Scary Stories | The Man Who Brought Happiness

The Man Who Brought Happiness
by JustinHale23

Intro Theme
The Order’s Theme
by Myuu

A Coastal Storm in Sandcastle
Boo Rhodes

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Saturday Horror Redux Scary Stories from the Bathroom

Stories by Creepypasta authors include 5 scary bathroom stories that will creep you out and make you never want to go to the loo alone again!

Bathroom Stalls

College Bathrooms…

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Disturbing Horror Story About Circus Clowns Splatterpunk | Halloween

The Clown, the Paint and the Circus, Part 1 and Part 2
By Elliot Cowling,_the_Paint_and_the_Circus

Intro Music and Exit Music
The Order’s Theme

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Two Creepy Stories About Strange Creatures for the Halloween Season

Two very creepy stories about arachnid creatures, spiders if you will, but not of the normal kind. Almost in time for Halloween! For pumpkin spice season will soon be upon us as soon as this heatwave is over. Until then, enjoy these stories that will…

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Spooky Halloween Stories The Mummy’s Voice by Jake Wick

The Mummy’s Voice
by Jake Wick’s_Voice

A security guard has qualms about overseeing the new October exhibit and for good reason. Mummy’s are scary and sometimes very magical.

Intro Music

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3 Fantasy Stories About Ancient Relics and Fables – Redux

Ancient Relics and Fables
Welcome to the Saturday redux 🙂

Today I take you into the realm of the fantasy world where you will experience some frightening tales of yesterday. These three stories grip your heart and your mind for in these stories…

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