Creepypasta and True Scary Stories

Terrifying Stories About Nature, Murder, and Monsters

Terrifying Stories About Nature, Murder, and Monsters

Spooky Boo brings you two freaky stories today. One story about the dunes of Sandcastle and the murderous plantlife around the beach. The other the story called The Almond Tree, a story by…

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Two Terrifying Tales of Children and Vampires

Two terrifying stories about children and vampires from the creepypasta and true scary stories website.

Story Number 1
Feral Vampire Children
by Spooky Boo Rhodes

Story Number 2
The Ursuline Convent
Written by LadyAbsu…

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Frightening Stories About Children

Weird and Frightening Stories About Children

I Was Born on a Child Farm

Dog Children


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Never Do a Sleep Study from the Deep Web Podcast

Never Do a Sleep Study from the Deep Web
Would you? I wouldn’t!


Abyss from MYUU

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Three Creepypasta Scary Stories About Strange Beings

Let’s get spooky!

Good evening, it’s Spooky Boo coming to you from the lighthouse in Sandcastle, California. Tonight I have for you 3 spooky stories about strange beings. These 3 creepypasta stories will have you wondering what is real and what…

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I Took a Disturbing Job on the Deep Web Podcast

Finding a job on the darknet isn’t the best place to get a job even if it does pay in large amounts of crypto. This man accepted a job on the deep web and was paid in Bitcoin but he certainly didn’t expect to get paid for much nor did he expect the…

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Creepypasta Scary Story Stories A Life Lost

Talking about the twilight zone! Someone has taken over this man’s life as he slowly finds out that everything is changing before his very eyes. Something close to the Outer Limits or even Night Gallery. Creepy.

Story: A Lost Life by Locked334…

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Two Disturbing Dark Web Stories About Social Media

Two terrifying stories about the dark web, social media, crypto, and abductions.

— A Link in My Messager Message App Ruined My Life —
A woman friends someone on her social media message app and then clicks on a link and suddenly her world is…

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If You Have Children Beware of the Deep Web on YouTube

The deep web is dangerous, especially for children looking for cartoon videos. Beware!


A Group of Perverts are Targeting Kids on YouTube, I Used to Work for Them…

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Terrifying Stories About Hospital Operations Podcast

Good evening, it’s Spooky Boo Rhodes coming to you from the lighthouse in Sandcastle, California. Before I begin today’s podcast I’d like to that the listeners and Patreon members including madjoe, Ivy Ivery, John Newby, P.A. Nightmares, Patrick, and…

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