The Enfield Horror returns and Bigfoot attacked me in my tent | Southern Illinois Monster Hunters | Zach Starrick

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(Bio from Zach)
Im from rural Williamson County, Illinois. I’m a preacher first and foremost, a witness and servant for God Almighty, and a born again God fearing Christian. I’m a 2nd generation farmer and cattleman, your average redneck, I’m a cryptozoologist of 17 years, a historian, been in 2 movies (one I have directed), lifelong hunter and fisherman, podcast host (Wrestling with Monsters) on Spotify, traveling speaker, team leader of the Southern Illinois Monster Hunters, and I am a laborer for Southern Farm Supply on the Mississippi River I’m a 4th generation pro wrestler and referee.
Enjoy this chat with Zach about Bigfoot sightings and seeing the Enfield Horror in Southern Illinois. 
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