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Every city has its tragedies. Some are recent and present in our minds. Some sit in the distant past, mostly forgotten to us as we hustle along the streets to our jobs or our tourist destinations. Whether forgotten or not, these tragedies, these pieces of micro-history nestled within the alleyways or along the sidewalks, shape and mold the very fabric of the city itself. If you stop to look and listen, sometimes you can see how those events changed the place around you. If you stay long enough, you may even hear, see, or feel the ghosts of those who perished in those tragedies, whispering warnings, or trying, desperately, to figure out what went wrong.

In this episode, we speak with Andrea, a business owner who got more than she bargained for when she signed a lease for a new storefront with a tragic past.Want to hear more from Andrea?

Check out our Andrea's podcasts Podcast Envy and The Creative Imposter, both available at thecreativeimpostor.com. And be sure to follow Andrea on Instagram @thecreativeimpostor.

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