Homespun Haints

Bread, Salt, and Ghosts

Eastern European traditions that can help protect you from bad luck and prankster ghosts.

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Ghosts are Freeloading Prankster Roommates

Alisa almost bought a haunted house in Tucson, Arizona. However, after she backed out of the purchase, things in her current home began to get weird. Almost as if the ghosts in the haunted house didn’t want her to leave.

Visit Alisa’s high-end…

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Haunted Road Side Attractions

Roadside attractions are a joyous slice of Americana. But when they’re haunted, they get just a little bit better. Today we explore the hauntings behind Ruby Falls in Tennessee and Fort Washita in the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.

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Meeting the Ghosts at the Read House in Chattanooga

The haunted Read House hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee has a very famous ghost, but she’s not the only supernatural entity wandering around those parts. We spent the night in this haunted hotel and got to meet this ghost and perhaps some others….

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Haints, Trains, and Automobiles

Can motorized vehicles become possessed by an unseen force and wreak havoc on their passengers? According to these spooky haunted car, haunted train, haunted subway, and cursed vehicle urban legends, the answer is a definitive yes. Follow us on TikTok…

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The Cursed Parking Lot at Tulsa Freedom Fest

Have you heard of the cursed Hex House? Under the revelry and fireworks display in Tulsa, OK lies the basement of an infamous house, where people mysteriously died, women were spellbound, and a little dog named Bon Bon met an untimely end.


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How to Survive the Summer as a Goth

Tips for the goth and spooky-at-heart for how to enjoy the summer while maintaining your death-like composure. We have fun with it but these are actually really practical tips.

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You Don’t Have Time to F*ck Around When You’ve Been Dead

Alicia has had not one, not two, but six near death experiences, and she gives a clear description of what she experienced when she crossed that veil to the other side. And does she have some ghost stories as a result? Oh you bet she does!


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Who are the ghosts of Fiddler’s Rock?

Fiddler’s Rock is a large stone perched atop a high mountain in the East Tennessee Appalachians. This rock is carved with crude drawings and haunted by the sounds of a phantom violin. And we’re going to tell you several reasons why the ghosts still…

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The Alleged Voodoo Curse of Julia Brown

Who is Julia Brown? Did she really place a voodoo curse on the entire town of Frenier, just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana? Or is she a misunderstood historic figure whose ghost wants the truth to be told? Brandon Schexnayder of the Southern Gothic…

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