Terrifying Ritual Pastas Never to do In the Woods

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Ritual pasta stories about the woods from the creepypasta scary story library.


Night in the Woods
by Rejoinable3

How to Summon Fairies
by Little girl in the woods

The Fair Ones
by TheLittlestFear

Background Ambience
Gates of Hell by Spooky Boo Rhodes

Video by Humanoide VFX from Pixabay
Man Face by Lars_Nissen

Video Produced by Spooky Boo Rhodes

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Spooky Boo Rhodes is an author and a podcaster who also creates YouTube videos. She enjoys writing weird stories of the macabre similar to the prose of Stephen King but also likes to write stories that are fast-paced similar to authors like Dean Koontz. Although some of her favorite stories involve the fight between good and evil such as The Stand and The Omen, she enjoys a great vampire read from Anne Rice or some of the non-romance authors. Vampires are supposed to be scary! Boo creates YouTube videos mainly for fun and enjoys learning about all of the weird fx she can do on video when given time. Aside from the authors above, some of her other favorite influences include shows like Night Gallery, Creature Features, and The Outer Limits–shows she has been watching since a very young age.