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In March of 2011 a new study released information that a decade of clinical animal mutilations in Wales is being investigated by pathologists. The organisation, called the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU), was set up in 2001 to investigate a number of cases after sheep and cattle were discovered dead with strange, surgical-style injuries.

The APFU concentrates most of its resources in the Rea valley near the border and in towns including Knighton and Llandrindod Wells, where mutilations are said to be rife. The group explained their finding and said the injuries to the animals are too “sophisticated” to have been caused by predators. Some of the animals have been killed in locations which are difficult to reach without being detected. And Phil Hoyle, of the APFU, there is a curious lack of blood or footprints at the scene despite the surgical removal of large amounts of tissue.He said: “We are looking at the UFO connection and people are describing unconventional things entering and leaving the sea. We have some farmers that have seen unusual lights and found animals killed in an extremely surgical way.

“These injuries are not done by satanic cults. These are very sophisticated whether done by aliens, military or some clandestine monitoring, something unusual is going on. We don’t know what has the ability to do this: literally to walk into an isolated area, surgically remove tissue, walk out and not leave a footprint or anything behind” He said activity in the past years had increased significantly, and claimed the military had moved in to monitor the situation.