Shrimpy the Giant Shrimp of Bremerton and Remythologizing your Landscape | Liminal Earth | Garrett Kelly, Jeremy Puma and Bex Atwood

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Join me as I talk with the team from Liminal Earth about how to find the weird in your area and some extremely regional Pacific Northwest cryptids.
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Liminal Earth (originally Liminal Seattle) was started by Garrett Kelly, co-founder of Hollow Earth Radio, and Jeremy Puma, local Seattle author and animist. In 2017, we started tracking our weirdnesses — dreams, ‘coincidences’, strange encounters, etc. — on a personal level. One day, we kind of simultaneously had the idea to start putting our experiences on a map, and Garrett suggested we open it up to anyone. In 2021, we welcomed Bex Atwood, Kitsap Peninsula witch and horticulturalist to the team, and now we spend our time going on adventures and investigating strange locations.
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