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Originally Recorded on 6/8/20

Today’s episode is with Rick Reles, a North Carolina based Bigfoot researcher.Rick is an active BFRO investigator and has attended 15 BFRO expeditions to date, and another 10 private ones. He contributes by organizing night hikes, scouting trips, and activity debriefs at these events.He has spoken at various conferences, expeditions, and on podcasts on the subject of Bigfoot, as well as providing incident information to the show Finding Bigfoot.Rick has written a Field Guide on Bigfoot Stick Structures, and has had Class A, B ,and C interactions with Bigfoot. He is organizing information for a book he is writing on the subject.We chat about his Bigfoot research in Backbone State of Northeastern Iowa, how he and his partner came up with the amazing IKnowSquatch brand and much, much more!

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