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Reynhard Sinaga who was known as ‘Posh Spice’ was yesterday charged in four cases kept secret until today, in four separate hearings which have taken place behind closed doors in the last 3 months. Every national newspapers has run and headlined this story, its been on the front page since this morning all across the UK and Worldwide, yet the the largest Newspaper to cover Greater Manchester has run with its headline on reports of a man who ‘may’ have had a gun, riding by on a motorbike reported by people in near by Salford. No mention of Reynhard Sinaga, 36, who lured victims back to his Manchester flat before spiking them with sedatives and filming himself assaulting many of them repeatedly for hours on end.

One ordeal lasted eight hours and a number of his mainly heterosexual victims, aged between 17 and 36, were not even aware they had been subjected to the appalling attacks until police informed them. An Avid Churchgoer Sinaga, a University of Manchester graduate, kept some of the men’s belongings as ‘trophies’ and sent chilling texts after several of the traumatising assaults. Before one incident, he was captured on CCTV in the early hours running out of a building and slinking around the streets hunting for lone, drunk young men around nightclubs. He used his nonthreatening demeanour to dupe the men – many of whom thanked him for his kindness in offering them a place to stay, a meal to eat or somewhere to ring for a taxi believing he was a Good Samaritan.

He was today sentenced to 30 years behind bars after being convicted of 159 offences, between January 2015 and May 2017. However, Greater Manchester Police believe there may be at least another 190 potential victims of Sinaga, but of that figure they were unable to identify 70 of those individuals. One victim said: “I will never forget the day the police came to see me, I did not know why they needed to see me but I can say I was absolutely devastated to hear that I had been a victim of Sinaga.” Another added: “I could recall the events of the evening the police were talking about but had no memory of any offences committed against me due to a complete lack of memory.”