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#BBR #BBRUK A lone camper has a unforgettable night in the Snowdonia National Park.

As I was looking at the red car I saw movement and what I can only describe as a ‘large tall dark coloured figure’ stood near the rear passenger door on the drivers side of the car, as soon as I saw It, I believe It also saw me looking at It and It began to run, as it was running off there was a flash of lightening that lit up whole car park which showed the figure as a solid thing, I noticed the top half of Its body looked to be lighter in colour than the bottom, It ran toward the opposite edge of the car park toward the mountain.

Camping and out door leisure is making a very real come back here in the UK. The Camping and Caravan club’s numbers have doubled over the last few years. As more people realise the beauty on their doorsteps they want to get out and visit our National Parks and Ares of Natural Beauty.  Sadly with the increase in numbers the prices of the camp sites are also souring. Leaving the only other option open to some is to wild camp or to sleep in their vehicles overnight and move onto a new area tomorrow or the next day.  Many of our rural car parks can be havens of safety when caught out in a an area you are unsure of.  There are many farmers and land owners now bridging the gap by allowing people to pitch on their fields and land for a small fee in exchange for some home comforts to make your stay easier, but this doesn’t suit everyone, myself included on some occasions. Sometimes its solitude your after when you settle on your newest favourite spot in the wilds. Waking up to the sun rise will the kettle boils is an absolute pleasure after a week of town living and all that comes long with that. The only thing demanding your attention is the view and the sound of the birds coming awake as you both watch the sun rise.As the increase in wild camping continues to climb, so do the reports made by people out in these lonely places, the quiet country layby, or forestry track in the woods, alongside our Rivers and Streams are people who report seeing the strangest of ‘Creatures’ ‘Lone Figures’ impossible to explain, but there non the less. Who do you share this experience with? Who do you tell, as our next witness can attest, not all people are accepting of your encounter and some merely scoff. Being a person who is not believed on  daily basis I can understand the frustration it brings, having to validate yourself on a continuous basis. Speaking to other people who have experienced a similar situation to you can make things a little easier.  The lady who made this next report is an outdoors kind of girl like myself. She walks the woods, enjoys nature and from time to time enjoys the solitude of our National Parks at night when all the visitors have returned home or to their holiday accommodation. Although busy in the day time like most of our tourist areas Snowdonia can be very full of people but at night the park takes on a whole new Majesty.

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