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For over a 100 years now reports of Big Cats sometimes referred to as Alien Big Cats have come in to newspapers and Police stations all across the UK. All the while our govt chooses to deny they exist. Big cats such as Panthers and Puma are capable of walking dozens of miles a day, as they each need their own territory and they are capable of killing, climbing and hiding their prey in trees or in long grasses. In the 30’s and 40’s Large Cats were being reported out in the wildest places. Far away from any humans. The odd shepherd would make a report or a hill climber. They shied away from people and kept to their own areas. Back then I think they were sparse in number and had huge swathes of habitat to exist in.

In the 70′ and 80’s there was a change in the number of sightings, how often they were seen and the places they were seen in. Now the large Cats were down in the valleys and rural areas. Tourists, Hill Walkers and Hikers would see them and make the reports. Lone Crofts in Scotland seemed to have been replaced for Countryside and Woodlands. Farmers tending fields would see them. But these places were still very rural with many miles of habitat between them. The Skerray Beast, Felicity the Puma and the Beast of Bodmin were quite famous examples.

In the 2000’s things changed and not for the better. Cats were being reported by drivers on our roads. They were reported on the odd occasion to have attacked the human who they encountered. But even so the Cats kept their distance from us still. It was a rare set of circumstances that brought people into contact with them. One Policeman reported being struck at by a Labrador sized cat and a young boy was attacked in Wales. One chap from the West More-land area was left with bruises and scratches after walking through woodland at night.
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