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Debra knew a massive tornado was on its way–the air had felt “troubled” that morning. But as she got in her car to race the storm home, a ghostly whisper held her back, and possibly saved her life.

About the guest

After years of practicing witchcraft while simultaneously studying astrophysics and teaching meteorology, Dr. Debra Burris is a delightful sparkling prism of unexpected juxtapositions. She is an author, a physicist, and a professor at the University of Central Arkansas. Beyond her academic prowess, Debra also practices as a witch, a farmer, a master naturalist, a bone artist, and a Reiki healer.

Debra Burris’ recent book, “Weather Magic: Witchery, Science, Lore,” explores the connection between ancient weather folklore and modern meteorological science. Keep up with Debra on YouTube, TikTok, IG, or FB, and try to catch her live at the following events: Harmony in the Hollow, Austin Witchfest, Mystic South. You might catch her speaking or signing books at Strange Brew Occult Shop in Fort Smith, AR, or Nature’s Treasures in Oklahoma City, OK.

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