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In this Episode [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest Laura Stinchfield, an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium.[01:37]Stephan is interested to know about the difference between animal communication and animal psychic connection.

[04:22]Laura shares how to give clear and honest communication while talking to animals and gives examples on how to send calming signals to a pet when going to a vet.

[09:29]Laura explains her way of giving medication to the pets and the responses of her pets in sending signals back to her.

[13:11]Stephan asks Laura about her opinion of animal trainers with an iron fist and displaying dominance towards the animals.

[16:02]Laura shares her experience of a dog trained to bite and the work she did to help that dog get out of that behavior.

[18:02]Stephan shares about his experience of opening his Akashic records and asks for guidance leading him in saving the life of a stray cat and knowing the cat’s name, which was Curious.

[24:20]Stephan and Laura discuss the power of prayers and purity of thoughts.

[27:56]Stephan shares about the concept of remote viewing and his experience in receiving validation and guidance.

[33:43]Laura asks about Curious, the cat, and Stephan shows her pictures.

[39:17]Stephan and Laura discuss divine timings and communication methods by going internally and deeply into the heart.




MEDITATION CD on connecting with your animal in the afterlife