The Pet Psychic ® Radio Show

Are you an alpha with your animals? Should you be?

What is the difference between being alpha and showing confidence in our relationship with our pets? Are they important to our animals’ emotionally wellbeing? H

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Animal Reincarnation

Can you animals come back to you? Yes, they can. Laura and Kim talk about animal reincarnation.

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Signs from Spirit, Dead People & Pets: Surrender into Communication

Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic ® on Get Yourself Optimized

Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic and Get Your Self Optimized Stephan Spencer talk about animal communication, intuition, and more…

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The Pet Psychic guest on Metaphysics of Pet Communication

In this episode, viewers asked: 1. How do our relationships with our pets work? What are their roles in our lives? 2. Do animals go to heaven? 3. For a psychic,

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Pet Psychic Radio – Animal Communication

Guest Tonight! Charlotte Meade and beagle Pozo of Meade Canine Rescue  facebook page:

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