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This account was passed to me by Kewaunee, as he is in touch with a number of witnesses across Europe, and when he realised the work I was doing along with the Global Hominid Study he was more than happy to pass on the witnesses details so we could speak in email. I explained to the gentleman he is not alone, there are many people here in the UK who have experienced a similar situation, or witnessed something impossible to explain. Luckily there are people the World over who are saving these accounts so they dont vanish into history as so many others have. As each witness shares their story, it empowers so many others to take the next step in sharing their own account. DebDear Associates:I would like to share an experience I had whilst I was living in the UK, this happened on the first week of November 1965/66.  Myself and three other Americans decided to climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain located in South West Scotland.  At the base of the mountain as we were preparing to go up, a person told us that no one climbs the Mountain at that time of year and that the mountain would be empty and we would be alone up there. The person’s house was near the trailhead we were using to walk in, and he said he always knew if anyone else was out climbing as they would have to pass his house on the on the way there. We set off and It was a long hike to reach the top.Upon arriving at the Summit, there was a strange extremely thick fog at the top which was a flat geologic area. It was a 65 degree day, but there was snow inside this thick wall of fog. The 3 to 4 inches of snow was frozen and crusty on top of it, making a loud crunching sound when walking. I decided to enter the unusually super-thick fog where it was extremely difficult to see anything. My head was focused downward at my feet in the fresh snow so I could at least see where I was walking. My companions felt uneasy about the fog so decided to rest outside the wall of fog and wait for it to lift.

After approximately 80 feet into this eerie-ness, I realised I was immediately standing by a dangerous chasm which was at the edge of the fog-bank. As I looked in awe at the gorge, somewhere close just ahead of me, I heard a bipedal “person” with a very long gait very slowly approaching me through the fog. I was stunned !!! I could still hear my friends chatting behind me, but then who is this large “man” crunching through the snow getting ever nearer, was my thoughts at the time. The closer the footfalls came, the more nervous I got. So I spun around and followed my tracks quickly back to my mates. I immediately blurted out what had just happened tome and to my chagrin, they all laughed !!! There is only one way to enter the summit and there were no tracks entering the fog when we arrived, they retorted. They insisted I was hearing things !!!

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