Kevin Cook from the Iowa Bigfoot Information Center INTERVIEW (Member’s Only)

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Note: This episode is a teaser for a newly released Member’s Only episode. 

For those that have been on the Bigfoot Society train for a while, you know this is a big deal! 

In this member’s only episode, I talk to Kevin Cook from the Iowa Bigfoot Information Center about his time researching Bigfoot in the late 1970s with Clifford LaBrecqueI first heard about the Iowa Bigfoot Information Center from David Weatherly’s book “Monsters of the Hawkeye State”. I then tracked down Kevin (who has not been involved with Bigfoot for approximately 40 years) and the result of that is the interview.

I’ve been in contact with Kevin for about a year now and he is now at the point where he is wanting the events of that time period recorded.Kevin requested that this not be available on the public feed for Bigfoot Society and I’ve honored his request by making this a Member’s Only episode for the Patreon and Youtube Channel Members.

Please enjoy this interview and a special thank you to Kevin Cook for going on record using Bigfoot Society regarding his research.

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