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When psychic medium Dr. Ronda Caudill purchased the historic Nickerson Snead house, she planned on moving in. However, after starting renovations, she realized that this old house was too haunted even for her. 

Ronda L. Caudill, PhD is a writer, publisher, psychic medium, tasseographer, Reiki Master, witch and owner of the haunted Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, VA. She is the owner of Full Moon Publishing, LLC, Co-Owner and Executive Producer of Shadow Work Productions, LLC and Lead Psychic Medium with SRS Paranormal. She recently starred in Season of the Witch, produced by Sword & Stone Entertainment and T. Lee Films. Ronda comes from a long line of psychically gifted women and healers whose lineage comes from Ireland and Scotland, having Cherokee roots in the Appalachian Mountains as well as having an ancestor who was tried as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. Ronda is also a sensitive, having had paranormal experiences her entire life. She began communing with the dead at the age of 18 and began tea leaf reading at the age of 19. Ronda has also practiced mirror scrying, table tipping, using dowsing rods, pendulums and spirit boards for over thirty years. 

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Learn more about Ronda L. Caudill, PhD at homespunhaints.com

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