It would have taken a Bazooka to take this Creature Down. It wanted our Dogs.

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We hear from a Canadian Hunter who saw a Sasquatch and a Moose go head to head. And a couple camping in Idaho have a terrifying Sasquatch encounter.

Over the decades I have had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of people about their experiences, whether that be with a Cryptid Creature or an Unexplained event. Every person has their own unique story to tell. Each one is quite different from the last. No matter where you are in the world, coming face to face with what some describe as an ‘abomination’ is not easy, for all of them the event is life changing. They are never quite the same again.

Tonight I would like to share with you two interviews that I did many years ago now, both of which I think you will agree would leave you scared, confused and full of questions. Both men were armed, yet they both felt they could not take down what faced them, even with a high powered rifle. In fact our first witness said “It would have taken a bazooka to take that thing down”