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I live in rural Somerset and have for twenty years. I have never seen anything unusual except for this one incident, and this is my story take it or leave it. I was blackberry picking with my kids near my house which is in a very remote area. There’s a forest situated to my south and north, and we are in a large clearing littered with fern bushes and blackberry bushes, I noticed three enormous patches of fern that were squeezed down flat to the floor, me and the kids looked and decided a herd of deer must of been bedding there the previous night, now bare in mind I can still just about see the apex of the roof of our house from where we were standing.

My son asked if we could make a blind that day to sit in and try to see the herd that night as they returned to bed down. We did exactly that and my son, daughter and myself went about making a blind against a blackberry bush halfway back to the house. We entered the blind about nine o clock as the light was fading, the moon was full and little led bulb light stars littered the sky illuminating the long clearing through this forest like a landing strip.

We had been sat for about three hours when I saw him. I was jerked into high alert when I saw a man? walking north to south across the clearing. He had no flashlight as he left the forest which bothered me, most humans would be carry a light source unless they wanted to remain hidden, which of course made me question why he was out there? It’s nearly midnight and this guy is on my land with no flashlight walking around like he owns the place? He had no visible firearm so not a poacher, maybe a trapper bursts into my mind.

I lined it up and hit him with a 10 million candle power spot light and all I can say is standing about 100 yards away was a very well built guy, 6 foot roughly in height. He was as ugly as you like and covered in hair head to toe. I saw him for a split second before he seemed to melt into the floor, my gut twisted and my first reaction was to run, both kids were sleeping so with one under each arm I ran back to our house. I got my shotgun and stood in the back room waiting for this guy to come.

Never before and never again have I seen anything like it. I’m reluctant to put a label on it but I will say I’m certain it wasn’t a man. We are a long way from anything out here so if it was a man he had serious problems walking that far out of civilisation at night or he was looking to do something wrong. But I don’t think it was a man. I can’t explain it. That’s my story as ridiculous as that sound it happened. This is the first and last time I ever tell it I have no desire to be called a nutter so let’s just say I saw something very strange in rural Somerset 2016 June

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