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Called the Devil’s Urinal by the locals The Manchester Ship Canal has claimed the bodies of thousands. In a 15 yr period over 90 men have been pulled from the deadly waterway. Are these crimes connected? Or are they coincidences?

In one year 16 men were found dead along the canal. One lock is now called the Tunnel of Doom due to the number of deaths that have happened there.

A little like the Smiley faced killer in America, the Pusher has a penchant for young men. Although as of yet no handy signature has been left at the scene. The men are often out in town, enjoying a meet up with mates, or spending their hard earned wages from the previous few days. The men, some of which are boys, are often separated from their friends for one reason or another. Many of them have phones and wallets intact when found. Which speaks of no robbery and the ability to get a cab home. So how do they vanish and appear in or next too Manchester’s notorious water way?