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Witness 1 – ‘It’ was a Hideous, Huge, Arrogant, Sneering Upright Reptilian. ‘It’ was about 8 ft high or more. ‘It’ was honed to the peak of physical perfection,’It’ was very fit, I would even say ‘It’ was sculpted and lean, not bulked up at all, and ‘It’ was unmistakably an intensely powerful Predator, I had no doubt about that. ‘It’ seemed to be male, and had a reptilian face, with scales on ‘Its’ skin and there seemed to be definite telepathic elements to the whole experience.

Witness 2 – ‘It’ was about 7ft tall and ‘It’ looked like a human with lizard skin. ‘It’ moved one step closer to me and I moved back away from ‘It’, then ‘It’ changed ‘Its’ entire colour and went completely invisible

Witness 3 – he immediately became aware of a 6 foot tall lizard-like being standing about 1.5 metres away from the edge of his bed. ‘It’ was slightly transparent, standing on two legs, and was slightly hunched over him. The skin of ‘Its’ arms and legs were covered in green scales, although the chest area was smoother. ‘It’ had a lizard-like protruding nose and mouth, and the eyes had vertical slits within them.

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