Half Human – Half Animal – “It Morphed from one Creature into another”. It had weaponized Hands

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The incidents of Cryptid encounters, Abductions and Missing people are on the increase and the numbers are continuing to rise daily. More and more people in the UK are looking for a place to report their ‘Truths’ too. If you witness a black, muscular upright figure that looks like a cross between a human, a dog and a Minatour, that has steam rising from it, or a colleague that morphs into a thought invading Reptilian in front of you, where do you go to report that, let alone look for answers yourself. If you see a light in the sky and lose four hours of time, or you come too many miles away, what number do you ring? Where do you go to find answers or to speak with people who know what it is like to experience an impossible event.
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