Graham Allen Shares his Experiences & Cases with UFO’s & Black Panther Reports on Cannock Chase

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Graham is the founder of The Staffordshire UFO Group which was started in 1995 in order to investigate UFO cases across the midlands. Graham started the group after his own experiences with triangular craft many years ago. One event where he witnessed a UFO took place in Adelaide in Australia and the second event happened close to Cannock Chase.

The Staffordshire UFO Group produced a full length professional documentary on flying triangular shaped craft in 2004. It was awarded an ‘EBE’ at the 2005 Laughlin, Nevada – International UFO Congress Conference. This documentary contains the report of a well documented event from the Staffordshire area. Graham has kindly shared the link to this documentary and you will find the link below, along with Graham’s email contact and I would strongly suggest contacting him if you have had an experience on Cannock Chase as Graham is a huge source of information when it comes to the area.

I would like to thank Graham for sharing not only his experiences with us, if you would like to contact Graham here is his email