Go Fact Yourself #MaxFunDrive Kick-off Spectacular featuring Teresa McElroy, Ross Blocher, Ella Hubber, Tom Lum, and Jordan Morris

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We’re kicking off the most exciting time of the year for the MaxFun Network with a trivia game show featuring hosts from tons of great podcasts.

J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong from “Go Fact Yourself” are joined by:

Teresa McElroy – “Shmanners” 

Ross Blocher – “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” 

Ella Hubber & Tom Lum – “Let’s Learn Everything!” 

Jordan Morris – “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” and “Free With Ads

If you’d like to hear more hosts competing for trivia supremacy, visit Maximumfun.org for the full version of this show.

MaxFunDrive ends on March 29, 2024! Support our show now by becoming a member at maximumfun.org/join.