Encounters with Bigfoot in Oklahoma: A Conversation with a Former Army and Navy Member

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Welcome to Bigfoot Society! In this episode, we chat with Mike, a former Army and Navy member from South East Oklahoma. Mike’s background in the military has given him heightened awareness of his surroundings, which came in handy during his face-to-face encounter with Bigfoot in 2013 on Thanksgiving morning while checking the deer feeder outside.During our conversation, Mike recounts his story of meeting Bobo on the Finding Bigfoot episode, which was filmed in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. He also describes another hair-raising incident that occurred in 2016 when he heard intense wood knocks while relaxing on his back porch.Moreover, Mike shares a fascinating family connection between Roger Patterson and his grandfather. Additionally, he discusses his personal experiences with the Siege at Honobia and the violent encounters that ensued.Don’t miss this captivating episode as Mike reveals some intriguing details about his life and encounters with Bigfoot in Oklahoma. Tune in now and join the Bigfoot Society!———-If you have a Bigfoot encounter you would like to share on Bigfoot Society please contact me at bigfootsociety@gmail.com for more info.———-Hey all – I am making a private Facebook group “Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters”. Feel free to apply to join and share the link with those that have had encounters in other groups. Many will apply but not all will be let in. Follow the directions! 🙂 
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