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The Beast of Winter Hill. Oct 20. Sheep Killed, a 3 Toed Print & a Rumbling Growling Creature.

Two men out Rabbiting See a set of Reddish Eyes watching them in their torch light and they Hear a Terrible Growl. The men stumbled up a fresh kill and whatever had hunted it was out there watching them from the darkness. The legends of a Bear Human Hybrid haunting the hills of West Lancashire are not as far fetched as they seem.

I was contacted on the 25th October 2020 by a lovely lady named Jackie. Jackie wanted to make a report on behalf of her partner and his friend, who had a terrifying experience the evening before we chatted. Jackie explained her partner Dave and his friend Adam had found “a strange sheep carcass that was still steaming when they approached it up at Winterhill” As they were discussing what animal could have made the kill they both heard a rumbling growling sound.

Both men stated “they heard something that night they could not explain” The men were interviewed by BBR Investigators Mick McClaren & Carolan Smith who both heard a similar growl one night close to Edgerton Reservoir in 2019.

That night the men were walking on the road that leads up to Winter Hill, a well known spot here in the NW. They were around ¾ of a mile away from the Chinese Gardens. An area where there is a previous sighting of an upright humanoid figure known as the Bear Man of Rivington. They arrived, got their guns from the car and set off, both had torches and as they walked Dave realised that Adam had almost stepped into a carcass of some kind. Shining their torches on to it they both saw a Sheep that seemed to have been almost pulled in half? The carcass was steaming even with the rain and the cold night air. Whatever had killed it, couldn’t be too far away as this was a very fresh kill. Adam described the carcass as unusual, the head was missing and the rib cage was snapped in two. Dave agreed he said it looked as if it had been pulled into two pieces.

Alarmed by this both men scanned the area around them with torches looking to see what had growled. Adam thought Dave was maybe messing about with him, but as Dave was speaking the growl came again. They quickly scanned the darkness and Dave saw a dark, stocky shape with reddish eyeshine watching them in his torch light. The shape dipped out of view and was gone. They both left quickly and got back into the car. Both were really shaken up and were still in bewilderment when Mick went up to meet them to record the event. Adam stated he felt almost hysterical and was laughing due to the fear he was feeling. He is not prepared to return up to the hill at night alone, which has done in the past many, many times. Even though they were both armed the men felt it would have been impossible to shoot whatever was out there with them, due to the sheer size of the dark shape and the sound of the growl. They both felt the growl came from something big. Adam turned his gun into a bat at that point as he knew shooting at it would be pointless.
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