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A ghost haunts the Star Wars universe. A poltergeist, whose idiot gibbering has tormented fans of the series for decades. His name… is Jar Jar Binks. Pretty much everyone hates the hapless Gungan, and he’s been written off as a failed attempt at comic relief from the wacky brain of George Lucas. But what if Jar Jar is more than that? What if he’s the dark force behind all the suffering and death of the prequels. What if Jar Jar himself is the Phantom Menace? Our guest this week is the podcaster and musician and extremely talented writer Andy Kneis, and Andy thinks that Jar Jar just might be evil. Nevermind that George Lucas has never planned more than half a movie ahead in any of his scripts ever. He was for sure setting Jar Jar up to be the galaxy’s greatest villain of all time. FOR SURE.  If you love hearing comedians roast child actors, you’ll like this one. Listen up, nerds!