Cryptid Creatures, UFO’s and Silver man, Mysterious Tales from the East Coast of Scotland. Part 2

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Bigfoot Type Creature Arbroath Road – Witness: I’m am from Dundee and I wanted to report something I saw a good while ago. Back when this happened I was in my 20’s maybe a little younger, I had no idea what it was that I saw at the time but now I would say I saw a Bigfoot face to face. Sorry I feel like a nutter saying this to you and I’ve already reached out to two other paranormal researchers previously but no one seems to care really or take me seriously. I’m convinced what I saw was a Bigfoot, It had a pale colour and was white-ish with maybe a bit of grey mixed in to the light coloured hair, It had reddish coloured eyes. Well I thought they were red, my girlfriend who was with me at the time thought It had orange eyes. It was huge in size, tall and broad and definitely not human because it was in clear view sitting half on a path and half in the bushes, by a creek at 2 or 3 am in the morning and the weather was ice cold. When It stood up to Its full height It was like a giant, with long huge arms. ////////// The Black Leaping Creature of Alyth 31/7/2016 – I just wanted to contact you to tell you about a sighting my wife had last Sunday evening at 7.30pm whilst driving along a wooded section of A926 near Alyth towards Kirriemuir. I was driving and didn’t see anything, but my wife who was sitting in the back suddenly said “Did you see that?” She explained she saw something a distance ahead on the verge of the road within the dense woodland that she initially thought was a man walking, but then it leaped further into the wood very quickly and stopped. She said it looked black like a shadow and it was tall and wide. My wife said she got the impression it was about to cross the road and then lept deeper into the wood upon hearing our car approaching. She was a bit shaken up and said her hair was standing up on end. I probably would have turned the car around and had a look myself if it was just me and wife, but my Aunty was in the car and had been woken by the commotion and was not impressed.

Creature Report Time Stamps, 8.35 – 15.02 – 27.35 – 31.10 –