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Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 62

Scary Missing Kids Stories | Mr. Smile
Missing Children
Original Story
Music by Myuu
The search for the boy turned up nothing. No one had seen anything strange or unusual around the home before or during the disappearance and no trace of him was ever found. It was less than a week later that one of the girls who had spoken of ‘Mr. Smile’ vanished as well. Then another. Then another of the boys. One by one each of them began to disappear, until only four remained.

Scary Demonic Stories | The Abstract Man
Music by Purple-Planet
Original story: The Abstract Man
~~ Excerpt
“Standing by a tree in the woods was a lanky, bony, dark figure. There was little light escaping the reaches of our home, but the minuscule amount that did, just barely illuminated the area around this figure. Whatever it was, it stood motionless, just intently staring at our home. I felt rather unsafe, and rolled open the window.”

The Witching Hour | A Creepypasta by Folklore of the Mind

Music by Myuu and Purple-Planet.com


The night was drawing to a close and Tommy was about to call it a night, it was coming up to 3 am and the bar was shutting but not before the guy asked one favour of him “As with the hotel tradition may I ask if you will throw one single dart at 3 am when the lights of the bar flicker, just as a sign that you had a good night” Tommy replied ” Erm sure thing mate” and when the lights did indeed flicker he swerved his wrist and threw the dart which landed on eight that had some sort of ghost on it, ” 8 huh, nice choice son nice choice” said the estranged guy in his common British accent. Tommy walked up to get the dart he threw and as he turned to eventually ask what the guys name was the guy had disappeared, maybe he had just met batman Tommy joked to himself before staggering up to his room still laughing at his joke.

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