Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 51: Beneath, The Real Ghosts, Angel in the Snow

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Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 51

Scary Stories | Beneath | A Creepypasta by M59Gar

Beneath is a story written by M59Gar. To keep the POV to my voice, I have altered the first person to female and the secondary character to male.


Holding onto the bedpost in the total darkness, I stabbed out with the knife – but there was nothing there, at least not at my height. Feeling the bed shake with a heavy impact again, I stabbed down – and felt the blade sink into boney flesh.


Music by Myuu

Two very creepy ghost stories from the creepypasta library. These two stories will creepy you out!

The Real Ghosts by Arvidbert96
A professor’s last words are heard by the ghosts in the halls of the college he taught there are no haunts but silence itself.

Angel in the Snow
Two old friends meet up and realize one of their childhood dreams has become more of a creepy ghostly nightmare.

Music by Myuu
Intro: The Order’s Theme
On the Chain

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