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Supernatural Podcast Show that will cover the Mythology and Lore and Creatures of the tv show Supernatural currently airing on the CW.
Not a review show, more education. We will be covering ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, and all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.
Your Hosts are Dr.Chris and Kat

C&L Episode 33: The Magnificent 7

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Welcome back to another episode of Supernatural Creatures and Lore. The Magnificent Seven/strong> Happy Thanksgiving everyone. In this episode we discuss the different sins and how they relate to our everyday lives.

The Magnificent Seven
Original air date: October 4, 2007

Sam and Dean realize that they have an enormous task in hunting down hundreds of demons that escaped from the Devil’s Gate; Bobby tells the brothers about a sighting in Nebraska that turns out to be manifestations of the seven deadly sins.
Season number: 3
Episode number: 1

My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us. We pull the facts from a variety of sources and books, anything left out or facts you disagree with please be aware we are not experts in this field.

This podcast will be ONCE a month and coming once a month. We are going to TRY and stick to that schedule. If you noticed since December of last year it has been doing that already.
Thanks to Jess-O-Lantern for the theme song. Thanks to Wicked Chronic in Natick Ma for being with us for over a year.

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