Supernatural Creatures and Lore

SPN Creatures and Lore #54 House of Wax

Tonight Mel and I talk about the movie HOUSE OF WAX from 2005, as two people from Supernatural apear in House of Wax and this was a blast to record as well. We talk about the history of the film and who made it and we reall share a love for this horror m

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SPN Creatures and Lore # 53: Fallen Idols

Mel and Chris return to talk about this hilarious episode of Supernatural which Guest stars Paris Hilton. Alas we tried to get PAris on the show with us to no avail. But Enjoy us talking about the iconic figures in this episode like Abe Lincoln and Ganhd

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SPN Creatures and Lore #52 Lucifer Rising

Mel and Chris return to talk about Lucifer Rising and all the episodes of Lucifer the Devil played most of the time by Mark Peligrimo has been in before. We go into a dive into the biblical part of who Lucifer is as well and we talk about the culture imp

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SPN C&L # 51: The Monster at the End of This Book

Mel and Chris return to talk about the various Supernatral novels that have been printed over the years 15 year run. This ties into the episode in s4 where Sam and Dean learn their adventures have been put into novels and are being published under a prop

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SPN C&L #50: Jump the Shark

Mel and I return to talk about Jump the shark a term I thought came from Happy Days but actually came from the Brady Bunch and this one involves Adam the third Winchester Brother no one cared about until it came time for plot

My Co-host Actress Mel H

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SPN CL # 49: Death Takes a Holiday

Mel and Chris return with a guest to talk about Death Takes a Holiday, About Near Death Experiences. Our guest has an amazing story to share with us as we discuss what its like to have died and come back from the door of the reaper. Something Sam and Dea

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Supernatural Entertainment Weekly Special


After being away for over a year the Supernatural Creatures and Lore Podcast has returned on the Radio of Horror Network. We are here to talk about the EW Issue that came out last year in honor of the shows final 15th season. We were going

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SPN CL: Sex and Violence

MEL AND CHRIS are back in 2021 with a brand new episode Covering Sirens here on Supernatural Creatures and Lore Podcast. Hope you all had a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

When Sam and Dean investigate a Siren who caused three small-town men to be

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Supernatural Interview w. Kim Rhodes aka Sheriff Jody Mills

We have a special guest on with is Kim Rhodes. Such an awesome woman to talk with, she is so sweet and goes into great explanation about her personal story with addiction and penniless. Hope you all enjoy her story and have a Merry Christmas

My Co-ho

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SPN CL #46 Chris Angel is a Douchebag

Mel and I return with an exciting new episode of this podcast covering stage magicians and stage magic and some of the greatest ever performed. Original Airdate: 1/22/2009 The Winchester brothers start investigating magicians who seem to be using black m

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