Bigfoot, the Nephilim, Genesis Chimeras and Bible Cryptids | Blurry Creatures | Nate Henry

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On Blurry Creatures we talk about fringe creatures. That takes us down the trail of Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, The Nephilim, alternative history and sightings of “beings” that haven’t been proven to exist. Where do they come from? We are out to find better answers for these perplexing questions. Nate Henry grew up in Northern California and is the lead singer of the rock band Sherwood. The band played in 15 countries and sold 100k+ records. Nate’s previous podcast was also a top 15 variety show when he began to learn more about Bigfoot and the sightings. He contacted Luke Rodgers in the summer of 2020 to focus their efforts on a new show called Blurry Creatures exploring the phenomena and together they launched in August that year.
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