Bigfoot Encounters in North Georgia: Tamra & Gabe’s Chilling Stories from Chattahoochee National Forest and Etowah River

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Gabe and Tamra are back for Part 2!Join us on the latest episode of Bigfoot Society as we dive deep into the mysterious encounters of Tamra and Gabe from North Georgia. In this episode, Tamra shares her hair-raising experience of visiting a place in Chattahoochee National Forest that left her disoriented and convinced that Bigfoot was behind the bizarre happenings. With footprints, handprints, and primate-like vocalizations to back up her claims, Tamra’s story is sure to send shivers down your spine.
But that’s not all! Tamra also recounts the time they were chased by a Sasquatch in the woods, an experience that left her and Gabe fleeing for their lives. Gabe also shares his own chilling encounter while kayaking in the Etowah River, where he saw a Sasquatch head just barely visible, watching them from afar.
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