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I was contacted by a Gentleman named Matt who lives on the Isle of White, he has had numerous strange experiences since being a very young child. One experience at Appuldurcombe House on the Isle of White stands out to me as it mentions many typical behaviours of the Creatures known as Dogman or Bipedaj Wolves. The Wolfheaded Men is another name for them and they have appeared in our history since the dawn of time. How you act around them, or interact with them can determine the outcome of the event. Our Witness did not see what was Standing behind him that night, so I will leave up to you to determine what you think was growling from within the bushes.

Matt is a photographer who takes the most amazing pictures of the sky, he was photographing the Milky way that night and was concentrating on the sky. Although Matt usually does not like the dark, when he is out in nature veiwing the sky and enjoying the night he doesnt need lights. The less light the better when you want to capture the beauty our skies behold.

Matt sas there for a while on his own when a wedding party came up the driveway to the stately home. Matt chatted back and force with them for a while, explaining what he was doing and showing them how to get the best shots for themselves before they returned home. As the merry band went off to their rooms for the night Matt continued to sit in silence taking image shots of the sky. Suddenly for no reason he could think of the entire area around him went silent. Normally you could hear the odd car or guest at the house, but nothing stirred in this silence. It was at that moment Matt knew he was not alone.

Matt has had many ‘paranormal or otherworldly’ events happen in his life and this time he presumed this was an interaction with spirit, which he is very comfortable with, so when he felt an energy enter his space it changed how he felt about that night. He knew ‘something’ was within 20ft of him in the pitch blackness but he could not see it. When he heard the first low gutteral growl he presumed it was coming from infront of him in the trees and bushes. Matt heard a few further low gutteral growls, his first thought on hearing these growls was that they belonged to a huge dog of somekind. Matt was a little un-nerved by this event and went back to his car to get a torch and a craft knife he used for cutting bramles and brush. He wasnt scared, just curious and wary and he shone his torch around the area trying to pick out whatever was making the noise.

Shining his torch made the growl change to a scowling noise, a noise impossible to explain. Confrontedwith this Matt held his cool and acted as you should when confronted by a possible predator.

To hear more of Matts experience listen to his account in his own words when we chatted together one evening in August 2020. Matt has experienced strange phenonamah since early childhood upto and after the events at Appuldurcombe house that night.

You can find Matts Images and Youtube channel here –