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To See the Witnesses Research – https://ukwildman.blogspot.com/2020/06/an-encounter-with-tall-night-crawler.html

I could see a 7-8 feet tall pure white soft looking figure and it was in between the trees moving around softly swaying left to right back and forth slowly. It was standing (touching the forest floor) in the exact same place the whole time we saw it making absolutely no sound and there was absolutely no wind. I wasn’t even going to say anything about the figure to my friend at first because I was waiting for my friend to say something.

We observed it for a couple seconds in complete silence and we were “mesmerised” by it’s movements, then I asked my friend if he saw it too and he said “yeah” he could as well. We stood silent in fear as we were watching it do its strange unsettling soft swaying movements whilst trying to adjust our eyes to the Being and see what it was doing. As we continued watching it for a couple minutes I felt I was in a slight daze watching it sway and I started to feel impending doom “set in”

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