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Byron grew up in a haunted area surrounded by haunted houses and ghosts, but she never feared the messages she received from those that had passed. Now as an adult, she serves her community by cleansing and blessing homes and writing books to help others learn the field magic that has been passed down for generations in her family.

H. Byron Ballard  MFA, is a teacher, folklorist and writer. A Western NC native, Byron is renowned as the Asheville Village Witch.

Byron has studied and practiced Appalachian folk magic for half a century. She's a senior priestess at and a founder of Mother Grove Goddess Temple, and also a pastor. She also knows a lot of stories about Asheville hauntings, as she's guided ghost tours there.

Her books on traditional Appalachian craft are published by Llewellyn Press. Order her books from Byron's local indie bookstore at malaprops.com, and she'll sign it for you before it is shipped. Also visit her website myvillagewitch.com or follow her on Facebook as H. Byron Ballard, author, Witch About Town, for events and more info. 

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