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I have recently been in contact with two ladies who live in the North East of England on old mining land that have had encounters with what is now commonly called a Dogman, or a Wolfman, a creature that seems to be part human, part canine. Living anywhere else in the world these encounters would be seen as attacks, and yet in both of these situations both ladies encountered something that did not want to harm them and in one case actually warned one lady not to come any closer. Both witnesses have never met and both of the reports were taken before I introduced them to each other. There is a similarity between the events and the ladies themselves.

A Wolfman In Wearside Oct 21

You Don’t Want To See Me Summer 2023

And Other Wolfman Reports Fromthe UK

Polly’s Experience – https://youtu.be/tU8xJ3Jlz60

BBR – https://linktr.ee/bbrinvestigations