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“Hi Deb, I am interested in the subjects you raise and in 2019 I had an experience at Cannock chase that has puzzled me for the last year or so. So I went back this weekend and again we had some very strange things happen whilst we were camping there”

“We have been to Cannock Chase a couple of times on research investigations and camp overs. The second time we went we were near the Brocton area of Cannock. Because I have the sightings map I got off your channel on youtube I knew this would be a good area to concentrate on, due to the number of reports that have happened to the general public when they have visited the area.

We got in and set up, then we walked for a few miles around in the woods to get a feel for the place and we came across a really densely packed wooded area which we just had to have a look at, so we went in. About 20, 30 feet inside the wood we found an abandoned campsite, where the tent was torn and there was rubbish in bags all around on the ground, it looked like someone had left in a hurry, we were not too sure what to make of it so we left that wood and had a few mile walk around checking out other areas for any signs of activity.

On our way back to camp my friend stopped and he was looking off into this woodline and said “What the f**k was that”. I turned to him and saw his face, then I quickly turned to where he was looking but I couldn’t see anything, so I asked him “what did you see?” He said “I don’t know but it was big and moving down on all fours”. So me being me I went straight into the wood to try and see what my friend was seeing. I couldn’t see anything moving, but I did find bones on the floor where my friend said he saw this thing, the bones looked like a young Deers bones due to the size of its skull and a there was also a couple of leg bones but they looked very fresh.

Ever since that day me and my friend have been talking about what happened and what he could have seen, so we have come up with a plan to just keep going back in the hopes of finding some Answers. Thanks Alan”

Alan has been able to visit the Chase and keep his investigations going. Here is a recent update from Alan after a visit in late October 2020.