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“It looked like a Hyena crossed with a Baboon, with long hands bigger than my dad’s” – Witness Farmer G: “Hi Deb, I was in your live chat tonight and I was trying to get some information to you that I’ve got about an animal my dad shot on our farm back in 1997 after it had killed 150 of our sheep plus may more kills happened all over the area. At that time even more were going missing and only the bones, skin and fleece were ever found. It was almost like a feeding station or an animal boneyard.

A Creature Watching Through The Window Dec 2019 Witness Report: “We were staying at a holiday home cottage in Deeside, and every evening we heard a very strange undulating siren like howling which went on for hours. The howling was really long, loud and happened repeatedly over several nights. We thought it was coming from the woods,