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It Injured our Dog. The Woodmill Hairy Thing. – Witness Report: Ok Im going to tell you a story thats true, it happened to my ex partner and my son a years ago. My son has never put it out there publicly what happened nor has my ex partner, and I was not there that night when they saw it but this is what they told me when they came back home. My ex partner was the security guard for the Golf course on Woodmill lane in Southampton. He was on his usual shift that night, not too much happend down there so my son had joined him at work for night and they also had our two security trained dogs with them (both dogs will attack on command)

Something in the bushes they can not describe made a horrid howling screech and set off running towards the wood line, the dogs strained so hard my ex partner dropped the leads and the dogs were off in hot pursuit of this thing. And other reports.