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We are one week out from the Desert RATS Kokopelli Stage Race- a 6 day run through the desert- and this week I’m chatting with fellow racer and all around AWESOME guy Phil Pinti.

When it comes to stage races, neither Phil or I have any experience which means one week out we cannot be any more excited and nervous!
When you break the race down into the most simplistic terms, it seems fairly straight forward- keep putting one foot in front of the other. But, as you will find out in this episode, there is an insane amount involved when planning and training for a multi-day event: food, hydration, self-care, sleeping arrangements, mandatory equipment, and safety procedures, and many more concerns.

In this episode Phil and I discuss our training and preparation, our expectations for the race, what we are looking forward to, and, most importantly, our why- the reason to sign up for something that is going to push you physically and mentally.
I really hope you enjoy listening to the show! I really loved chatting with Phil and am excited to meet him in a few days.

I truly hope you are out there stepping up to your big challenges and goals. These events are exhilarating and bring enthusiasm and beauty to our lives. Go get ’em!!


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