Like a Bigfoot

#328: Jerry Kopack — The Value of Time, Applying Lessons From Hospice Work to Adventure

#327: Mikie Pylilo & Amy Donaldson Brass — Journey Through the Desert on “A Long Way From Nowhere”

#326: “A Long Way From Nowhere”, Announcing Our Film With Paul Scheuring

#325: Robbie Balenger — “The Audacious Report”, Finding Himself On The “Colorado Crush”

#324: Cameron Bellamy — Where the Mind Goes During a 56+ Hour Ocean Swim & Rowing the Drake Passage

#323: Mathias Eichler — Running Every Street in Olympia, R2R2R, Cushman Six and Other Adventures

#322: Emily Keddie — Battling Through Moab 240, Tahoe 200, the Snowman Race and Imposter Syndrome

#321: Reid Delman — Tales from Race Directing and Wrestling, Creating Gemini Adventures

#319: Kelly Halpin — The Relationship Between Adventure and Art, WURL & Grand Teton Picnic